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by Reborn Artist Chloe Mynott

Ba Hons Character Creation & Technical Effects

Full Body Silicone Dolls

The ultimate in won't want to put them down!


Full body silicone dolls are the must have for any collector, and you can certainly see why they are becoming so popular! The full body means no cloth to cover up so dressing them has become limitless, and the varying grades of silicone means your baby can be super soft, squiggy and oh so cuddly.


Silicone has a great translucency to it which makes the finished skin look even more realistic than a vinyl doll, and they can be gently bathed and washed just as you would a little newborn! Incorporating an open mouth with a tongue and even gums is guaranteed to astound. No more modified dummies or bottles with these stunning babies!


As you can imagine, a tremendous amount of work goes into creating these dolls. Over several months I sculpted my full body baby in clay with a great deal of reference pictures, and from observations while print taking. No deatil was left untouched or forgotten. Once complete, a very time consuming silicone jacket/fibreglass mould was created. Having learnt all the necessary complex techniques at University I was able to do this entirely myself. Once the one piece mould was removed from the sculpt, it was ready to pour. This is quite possibly the most stressful thing ever! Once the expensive silicone is mixed you have 30mins to fill the entire mould before it begins to set...and this goes very quickly! Before pouring I degass my silicone to remove all the nasty little air bubbles which like to creap to the surface of the skin, and then I pressurise my mould/cast to make sure that any air bubbles that have got in the silicone are shrunk down, leaving a perfect...bubble free baby! I carefully created a mould that would leave no seams too, so once the baby is removed from the mould it is ready to be painted to perfection : )



Please visit the "Tiggi", "Portraint Babies" and "Amelia Rose" tabs under the menu for information on specific babies.





I DO NOT use additives to soften my silicone as this can cause the silicone to deteroriate faster.

Please consider this when choosing your silicone firmness as I have found the popular eco30 to be suprisingly firm when used neat. I pour all my babies in NEAT ecoflex 10 as I find it produces a lovely naturally floppy baby.